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  • Omaha Educational Article of the Month - Ways to let Omaha flying squirrels out of the attic

Ways to let Omaha flying squirrels out of the attic

A. Characteristics of flying squirrels.
Omaha flying squirrels belong to the family of sciuridae. They are easily identifiable as they are of small stature and different from their black furry counterparts. Although they are not capable of high flights like birds and bats, yet can glide smoothly as their long tail provides them with stability when in air. They use their limbs and tails to steer their way through the air. Flying squirrels are nocturnal creatures and omnivores, that rely upon insects, fungi, small birds' eggs, flowers, fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds etc. They can be distinguished as small rodents that sometimes enter the attics of the houses and cause nuisance. Their presence is suspected through different ways such as obnoxious odour due to their urine and droppings or incessant noises in the walls and ceilings, or electrical wires getting chewed up.

B. Effective methods of eradicating flying squirrels.
There are a few effective ways by which Nebraska flying squirrels can be let out of the attic. The first and most important of them being to find out the gaps from where these squirrels are entering the house. Once it is identified, the holes or ventilators should be immediately sealed to discourage the entry of any more squirrels. The easiest way to get rid of them is to prevent squirrel infestations, and the best kind of infestation is found in the insulated attics where they find it welcoming to tear up the insulation into pieces and make it less effective. Also there are several commercially available traps that can be placed inside the attic to capture the squirrels and restrict their flight.

Further to keep away Omaha flying squirrels from entering the attic, one should make sure that the branches of tall trees around the house are trimmed at close intervals so that they are unable to slide down into the house through roofs. Any kind of entrance in the form of windows, chimneys, ventilators should be closed when not in use or checked frequently, as being nocturnal creatures they use these entrances at night when people are asleep and hence go unnoticed. The ones that are already present in the attics can be trapped by using baits made up of all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts or small insects. Once they are trapped, they should be relocated far from the house atleast at a distance of 30 miles from where there would less chances of them to return to the house. If a house attracts flying squirrels, it can be controlled by keeping the lawn and garden of the house clean from dried fruits of leaves that fall from the trees. One of the best ways by which squirrels can be eradicated is to follow the exclusion method. Here, by closing their entrance gates, they are forced to find some other home for themselves, because of which they soon let themselves out of the house.

C. Destructions caused.
Nebraska flying squirrels should be let out of the house as soon as possible because they destroy all the wooden areas and electrical wires of the house by chewing them. Apart from this they also carry harmful diseases like rabies and typhus which are severe and occasionally fatal. They, when is groups spread foul odour through their faeces and urine which makes it difficult for humans to survive in the house. Therefore, though they seem harmless, they are dangerous enough to pose threats and health hazards to all the inhabitants in their proximity.

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