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  • Omaha Educational Article of the Month - What are some of the symptoms of a sick Omaha house mouse?

What are some of the symptoms of a sick Omaha house mouse?

With the diseases caused carried by sick Omaha house mouse, paying attention to the health status of mice in your home important. You should be wary of their lifestyle to know the one that is sick and the one that is healthy. Though most healthy mice usually still infect human with disease through bite, the problem is always more with the sick ones. That is what made it important that you find out the possible symptoms of sick and unhealthy house mouse. You will get the information when you read to the end of this post.

Check the smartness of the mouse to know when it is sick
Nebraska mice are known for their jumping, running and other active lifestyle. They are great climbers and jumpers making it difficult for one to catch them. Just like with every other animal, the smartness of mice normally decrease with decrease in their health. So, the first symptom to look out in your pet house mouse is in the level of smartness. If the mouse remains in a place or long without moving just know it is suffering from one disease or other.

Unable to eat the foods presented to it
All animals are same when it comes to showing sign of sickness through the eating habit. The Nebraska mouse is not an exception in any way. When after many hours you presented food to your mouse that has not eaten and it refuses to eat the food, know that something is wrong. As the matter of fact, lack of appetite is among the ways to check a sick animal including rodent like mice and others.

Sign of blood rushing through the nose and eyes
When this is the case, just know that the Omaha house mouse is suffering from serious health issues. Several diseases are known to cause them have this kind of symptom.

Difficulty in moving is another symptom of a sick mouse
Hardly will you see a healthy Omaha mouse remain in a place for so long when it is not sleeping. When you find a mouse sitting in a place with dull eyes you should know that something is wrong with it.

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