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  • Omaha Educational Article of the Month - What to do If I Find Omaha Roadkill

What to do If I Find Omaha Roadkill

Omaha nimals in general have had a difficult time ever since the discovery of automobiles that give us comfort in so many ways, but become a curse for the innocent animals. It is extremely upsetting that every year, a great number of animals die in roadkill. Even more upsetting and completely insensitive is the fact that, after hitting the animal by car, the drivers often drive away leaving the animals on the road, hurting or dying. Hitting animals and killing them on the road is a punishable offense in most states, but even more importantly on human grounds, there should at least be some guilt for the unfortunate accident. Human beings should at least have some respect for the poor animal that they do not simply leave it dying.

Nebraska nimals often have to get to the other side of the jungle for different reasons, for breeding, hibernation, food or even shelter. In doing that, they have to cross broad highways, often dodging cars running too fast on these roads. Most roads lack safe passageways as well. Therefore, animals are very easily confused by the fast approaching cars and get hit quite frequently, especially at night. Many wildlife species are actually dying out or becoming rare in this way. Most of the immense variety of wildlife is actually just found dead on the road. Sometimes, even in more crowded areas, it is often a case of callous driving that takes an animal’s life. So, even if you have not caused it, when you find a roadkill, you should immediately report to the local authorities for a proper disposing of the body, as an ethical duty as well as for a clean road free of the stench and sight of the decomposing body.

For help, always keep the contact numbers of Omaha wildlife rehabilitation centres, local animal control agencies or veterinary offices in your phone or a notebook kept in your car so that you can at least contact someone. Those who live near or pass by an area that is known to be inhabited by animals, will most commonly face this phenomena regularly. It can be any wild animal such as a fox or a badger, or even common domestic animals like cats or dogs- any dead animal should be reported. Foxes, pigeons, squirrels, rabbits etc die every frequently; deer, hedgehogs and badgers are a common casualty as well. Domestic animals can be reported to local animal control agencies, whereas for wild animals you should contact the wildlife department. They will then arrive and clean up the site completing the necessary task for disposing of the carcass. However, small animals like squirrels are usually left there as they are quickly eaten up by birds. Larger animals pose more risk and therefore should be taken care of immediately.

Sometimes, there are highway clean-up crew along the highways as well, either contact them directly or have your local police department contact them- by first, reporting the Nebraska roadkill.

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